Technical solutions for vineyards

Selection of products that will enhance management practice, reduce labour inputs and are easy to maintain will therefore provide better value in the long run.

A trellis system also undergoes considerable and continual strains. To stand up to the pressures of heavy crop loadings, temperature variations, wind and mechanical harvesting and pruning not to mention, the corrosive effects of fertilisers, chemical sprays and dense foliage which can be extremely harsh on a trellis system the right choice must be made.
When choosing trellis system it is important to consider all the factors that may have a bearing on costs. With posts accounting for 20% of vine establishment costs, cheaper priced products may seem appealing at the purchase stage. However, poor quality materials tend to perform inefficiently and result in significant repair and maintenance costs.

Spring spacers use double wire. The new shoots during growth easily develop into the track created with the double thread. Subsequently, with a simple closing movement, the wires are joined together in such a way as to contain the vegetation to allow the subsequent pruning and leaf-stripping operations.

Cheap spreaders may also have insufficient strength and flexibility to withstand crop loads, winds loads and machinery impacts. So in the long run, their bad performance rates will quickly wipe out the initial savings made on their purchase cost. Thanks to its superior mechanical performances combined with exceptional tensile strength the Stainless Steel used and our made to measure fit, these are the reasons why Mollificio Astigiano Spring Spreaders come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Remember Mollificio Astigiano solely introduced a Life Guarantee* for its Spreaders. So when you build a trellis using this generation of Spring Spreaders rest assure it won’t let you down.
*Mollificio Astigiano long life guarantee will retain adequate lifetime functionality unless improper use or abnormally conditions prevail.


Self-fastening spring loaded spacer and bracket for your poles (line and end post), customized solutions, hooks and training rod clips, wire tensioners and blockers. Remind: all our products could be “designed” and “produced” following your specify.

Our products can be realized in accordance with pole’s external geometry (suitable for concrete, COR-TEN, stainless steel, plastic, other poles).



Concrete post.


Iron/stainless steel post.


Wooden post.

Features and benefits

Maximum support:

  • made from patented high quality Stainless Steel AISI 302;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • unique design withstands loads imposed from any side yet allows sufficient flexibility during mechanical harvesting and pruning;
  • perfect grip and firmness to the post guarantee.

Cost effective:

  • unlike using disposable wires or the normal time-consuming manual operations;
  • simple to install within new developments or existing trellis structures;
  • no staples, nails or tying clips, so there’s no fear of falling into the harvester and ending up with the grapes.

Reduced labour costs:

  • as much as min. 50%* installation savings per hectare, on top of reduced maintenance costs.
    *Dependent on trellis design and cost of inputs.

Maximum flexibility:

  • easily adjustable;
  • unique made to measure design fit perfectly well the shape of the post;
  • can be introduced at any stage to suit vineyard canopy management requirements.

We manufacture different kind of hooks for vineyard’s and orchard’s applications:


GTF1 – Vertical fast hook


LIV65 – Double vertical fast hook.


GTF1/A Vertical fast hook with ring

GTP – Horizontal fast hook


ITEM 19H – Vine shoot tie


ITEM 19V – Vine shoot tie

GUDFA – Double join wire


Wire Tensioner “Grillo”


Pipe hook

Collar for square section

Support for Orchards

Vertical extension unit

(PATENT n° 0001406567)

This unit’s aim is to vertically extend vegetation thanks to two arms exceeding the total height of the pole. It withstands heavy loads stress of vine canopy as well as the operations of pruning and trimming.

Great stability or firmness guaranteed through a rear positioned spring.

This vertical extension unit allows rising the double catch wires beyond the post of 30 cm.

The vertical extension unit can be easily installed on all type of wooden, concrete and steel poles currently available on the market by simply using the special handle supplied with.

Available in:

  • Stainless steel AISI 302;
  • Zincoated steel.

Our tutorial videos

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