About us

Does this sound familiar? Do you find it difficult to get a return call from your spring supplier? Do you struggle to find out when your springs will be shipped? Do you experience delays? Are your springs sometimes out-of-specification? Your current spring supplier does not offer design assistance or cost reduction ideas? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, NMA is “easy to do business with” and we don’t disappoint-guaranteed!

In many cases, we are the sole spring supplier to many of our customers! Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about the design and manufacture of precision, custom springs. When most people hear the word “spring”, they very often picture a wound piece of metal wire. Of course, they’re right. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If spring components are critical to your products long term performance, there is only one logical choice: custom, precision solutions from Mollificio Astigiano.

Here at Mollificio Astigiano we value strong customer/supplier relationships and it is our goal to make it easy for you to understand how springs are designed, made and delivered to your door. With expert spring design assistance, friendly customer service, superior quality, and on-time delivery, NMollificio Astigiano is the “easy to do business with” spring supplier. Mollificio Astigiano look forward to developing a relationship with your company!

Continue exploring our website to find out more about the different type of springs , the manufacturing process and other frequently asked questions. If your application is custom. Your springs should be. When you trust Mollificio Astigiano to deliver your precision spring component, you receive worry-free value added supply.


Our fast design and prototype service, coupled with our CNC production technology, gives you a unique and long-term manufacturing partner. Why should I have Mollificio Astigiano supply my springs and wire forms? Mollificio Astigiano is uniquely qualified to manufacture many different kinds of custom fabricated springs and wire products. We have cultivated a culture of “getting things done” and servicing our customers at all costs. We design and prototype; manufacture with computer-controlled precision; warehouse for releases; certify each process and provide a total value-added supplier package. We have one of the lowest custom minimum orders in our entire industry. We don’t shy away from the small orders because all customers are important to us.

Why does Mollificio Astigiano not carry a “stock” inventory? We have a simple philosophy: “If your application is custom, shouldn’t the springs that move it be?” Stock springs are designed to fit in a standard area: a 1″ hole, or a 2″ free length, etc… The problem with this is that most spring designs are overstressed, meaning that they could take a set or break in your application. You don’t know from looking at a stock catalogue whether that design is made to work as far as you are using it. When you tell Mollificio Astigiano how you are using a spring, we will design a custom part to work in that environment. We have a prototype area with a E.50.00 minimum invoice and a 7 working day lead-time.

Precision springs are precisely what you’ll get from us. The springs we manufacture take on many forms, and are used in a variety of ways. We make low-tech springs for high-tech companies and high-tech springs for low-tech companies, and every type of precision, custom spring in between.

Our history

Founded in 1979 and privately owned, Mollificio Astigiano is committed to providing products and services that will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. Mollificio Astigiano is located in the heart of the wine country region of Piedmont, technologically advanced plant strategically located to service the highly industrialised economic district. We can count on a rich level of local resources, the greatest of which we believe to be our personnel. As a wholly owned family company we work within a framework which guarantees you, the customer, our personal attention at all times. Virtually every order we manufacture is custom.

Over the years, Mollificio Astigiano earned a reputation for taking on special jobs, not run-of-the-mill work. In fact, we love challenge, and encourage our customers to bring their complex spring requirements. When they do, we sit down with them to take an in-depth look at their needs. We examine their situation from every angle taking into consideration the “mating” parts-those parts that are next to and interact with the spring. We go this far because when it comes to design, details count. With our knowledge on the subject we can tell our customers whether or not a spring is feasible, and if a particular spring is going to work.

Planned investment over the past years has ensured that Mollificio Astigiano is fully equipped with up-to-date automated and computer controlled production machinery. Our manufacturing capacity is continually enhanced providing fast and economic turn around for long runs and the latest computer controlled machinery gives total reliability during manufacture ensuring defect free springs at competitive prices. We also specialize in hand made springs manufactured in either round wire or flat metal in all types of spring materials by our crafted spring makers. These necessary hand skills are retained for low volume order production. This state-of-the-art technology running side by side with more traditional manufacturing methods, utilising the skills of our crafted springs makers, means that we are able to supply both volume production quantities and short runs.

Mollificio Astigiano’s commitment to excellence and “never ending improvement” reflects in our state-of-the-art. Our plant built in 1997 it is located on 1200 square meters of land and covers 15000 square meters.